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7, October, 2020 - Purchasing A Home
The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme is back; bigger and better!

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme is back; bigger, better and more buyer-friendly than before. If you’re a first home buyer who missed out on the first two rounds, then here’s how to make it a case of third time’s a charm!

21, June, 2021 - Blog
Last Week In Review 21/06/21

Home ownership was once again the most discussed matter in real estate last week. Almost two-thirds of Australians don’t think home ownership will be a likely option for young people as prices continue to rise. The use of a guarantor seems to be a more viable option, as discussed in this week's episode of the [...]

17, June, 2021 - News
Last Week in Review 17/06/2021

Last week it was mostly good news for homebuyers. Lender 86 400 announced a drop in their rates which coincides with a continuous boom in the property market. Buyers are buying property at record speeds, which is causing FOMO to take over. FOMO seems to be part of the main driving force of the current [...]

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