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Blog 1100x733 Cars 2021
13, January, 2022 - News
What was Australia’s top-selling vehicle in 2021?

Some of us buy cars for work, others for play. So it’s no surprise that the top two cars in 2021 can do both. But which vehicle took the crown? Well, it was super close, so let’s have a look. Ok, let’s cut straight to the chase. Taking out pole position in 2021 was the […]

Blog 1100x733 Record Offset Balances
13, January, 2022 - News
Homeowners nearly four years ahead on their mortgage repayments

Australian homeowners are loading up their offset accounts in record amounts, so much so that the average household is now almost four years ahead on their mortgage payments. Quick question: do you have an offset account (or several) attached to your mortgage? They’ve become quite popular in recent years, especially since the RBA’s official cash […]

Blog 1100x733 Market Not Slowing 2022
6, January, 2022 - News
2022 forecast: places where housing prices aren’t slowing down

National housing values grew 22.1% in 2021, and there are two capital cities and one region in particular that are not ready to slow down just yet. Can you guess where? Happy New Year everyone! To kick off 2022, we’re looking at how the property market performed across 2021, and what we can expect over […]